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Want to know about the manuscript?
The working title is Scarlett and Aka: Imprint.

It is a Hero’s Quest about a twelve year old American girl and her dog, Aka. They are joint super heroes in Okinawa, Japan. Except Aka isn’t really a dog. She’s a shi-sa, or Okinawan guardian.

Scarlett and Aka have a telepathic connection and super powers. Scarlett is new to Okinawa; her dad is a Marine Corps officer who recently got stationed there. Her mom dies of cancer shortly before the novel opens. Scarlett’s Okinawan neighbor is her mentor, the longest standing shi-sa warrior in history. In this first book of the series, Scarlett has to train as a shi-sa warrior, contend with the mean girls in middle school, learn to live with her grief over losing her mom, and get her dad’s permission to have a “dog.” The two need to discover their range of super powers together. It’s all new to them!

Aka’s name means “red” in Japanese. Scarlett’s name means “red.” Clearly, they were meant to be a team!

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Click a link below to learn more about my books or to purchase one. The target audience for the books below are young and/or single adults. They’d be classified as “women’s lit.”

Big Toe People – Paperback

Big Toe People – Ebook

Anthology of Edgy Christian Fiction writers – a collection of short stories by 19 diverse authors. Stories that inspire and entertain. Available in paperback and Kindle versions.

What is “Edgy Christian Fiction”?

It’s a new genre. It is not whitewashed fiction like traditional Christian fiction. Some ECF writers use more graphic violence in their murder scenes or battles. Others have main characters who make poor decisions like *gasp* extramarital sex. My characters in Big Toe People make all the mistakes common to girls in their twenties, and the dialogue has cussing in the first half. In other words, the genre more realistic. What all the ECF writers have in common is the Christian part. The authors share a Christian worldview, subtly infuse a Christian message, and the bottom line is that we want to honor God with our writing while reaching a larger audience than traditional Christian fiction draws.

In the anthology above, I have a story called “He Knew” about a girl who has a mystical experience that heals her heart from past mistakes.

For more, visit the Edgy Christian Fiction website here.