Temptations, pitfalls, questions and some surprising twists give each of these delightful characters their own unique journeys to faith. With superb character development, unexpected plot twists, a liberal use of dialogue and a notable lack of preaching, the author treated this story of growth with sensitivity and compassion. It was a pleasure to get to know these characters, and to feel as if I’ve known them all along. It’s a great read for young people of all ages.

PTL Perrin, Author


Congrats to Kristine on a novel that will resonate with those who understand some of the struggles and questions that come from being raised in certain kinds of Christian homes. Refreshing and honest, this is a wonderful, fast, entertaining read. You’ll find yourself laughing and enjoying the friendships highlighted in this novel. Highly recommended!

Tegan Wren, Author

Big Toe People is compulsively readable. I cared so much about each of the characters and enjoyed rooting for them. It is a Christian novel, but none of these women is perfect or cookie cutter. They are real, and they are all finding their way. This novel would particularly appeal 20-something women of faith, who could be inspired to create their own loving communities to support them as they find their ways in the wide world.

Allison Evans

This book is rewarding if you hang in with it. The pace picks up as you go along and you follow these young women as they attempt to balance what they have been taught and what they understand about their faith with the reality of their own life choices. What I particularly liked about this is that it shows each character as they stumble and grow throughout the course of the novel. Only one character did not fully develop and ended the book diminished rather than strengthened by the course of events. I feel this could be a great setup for a continuation of the story. If you are Catholic or Christian, you will enjoy this book, but I also recommend it to all young readers regardless of faith tradition (or lack thereof).

Amazon Customer

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It is different than any book I have ever read. I didn’t pay enough attention to the title. I expected a light ,humorous love story among friends. It has inspired me to buy a study Bible. I am probably not the usual audience for this book. I am a voracious reader and read all genres of books, but my daughter is older than these characters. I am a cradle Catholic, that has neglected going to Mass for years. I never studied the Bible and this book, although not pushing religion on the reader, has inspired me to purchase a study guide Bible and I think return to church for the companionship it offers.
It took me awhile to figure out the title ( which gave me the idea of it being humorous) and I have decided I am a little better than Big Toe People, but wish to know more.

*Note: I was gifted this book for an objective review

Mary Hazelwood

Living, Learning, and Loving…These three words kept cycling through my mind as I read Big Toe People. I loved each of these primary characters (each for it’s own reasons) and enjoyed watching them cycle through their education, relationships, mistakes and eternal decisions. They lived very true and very today struggles, but God was faithfully pursuing them and continued to love them. Big Toe People is a novel that does not mix words about living in the world, but take hope, God loves these girls and He never gives up on them! I was so very sorry this novel came to an end, it was a fantastic, hard to put down read!

Candy Caldwell

I loved that this book was so different from anything else I’ve ever read. It was a great combination of modern culture and faith. I was hooked on the characters and wanting to know more after just a few chapters! And at the end of the book – well, I didn’t want it to end. I still wanted more!

I would recommend this book for anyone looking for an entertaining read that also allows you to examine your own faith journey along with the characters.

Julie Lawarence