Kristine Kohut grew up in the US Air Force, living in such places as Oregon, Mississippi, The Netherlands, England, California and Virginia. She dreamed of being a published writer from a very young age, and submitted many pointless stories to children’s magazines for consideration. All the while, her father secretly copied her stories and mailed them to relatives.

She dabbled in many industries in her twenties, finally setting out to do her intended career at thirty: teaching English. Kristine spent much of her teens and twenties in the DC area where Big Toe People is set. Then she moved to Okinawa, Japan and taught at two middle schools and a high school on American military bases, thus fulfilling another dream of hers: overseas adventure as an adult. She met her husband while there.

At 37, Kristine moved to the States to be an Air Force wife. She wrote Big Toe People shortly after their honeymoon and edited it as changes in duty stations, teaching community college English, and parenting allowed. Another big revision is expected, and a more streamlined 2nd edition will come out some day. Meanwhile, a tween hero’s quest set in Okinawa, Japan is ready for Kristine to seek a literary agent and publisher for the new series.

She and her pilot husband adopted two sons in 2011 and 2012.

Ms. Kohut has an undergraduate degree in English with a Writing concentration and an M.Ed. for teaching Secondary English, both from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia.