The World Needs Your Thing


Last night, I watched the movie Yesterday.

It does a charming job of showing us what the world might be like if the Beatles had never been and their songs were never written. Woven in it is a lovely story of following your joy and finding love.

The movie has a few moments where the main character discovers that this new version of the world is also missing his favorite beverage and a beloved book series. We, the audience, are left to imagine the ripple effect of those not existing.  In our real world, they’ve had global impact.

Personally, the missing beverage wouldn’t impact me outside of the pop culture of its commercials. But the book series…woah. The joy and the positive influence on our world…gone? Non-existent?

I’m left with lots of thoughts.

  • -I hope everyone with a teenager, young adult, or someone who longs to make a mark on this world—I hope you get to watch this movie with them. Tell them that the world would be sadly lacking without that special thing they have to give.
  • -I hope that all the creative souls out there watch it. I hope they get the message to keep creating.
  • -I hope we all get the message that we have something to give. Something big, unique, and something that will have an impact. While you’re imagining a world without your favorite song, movie, book, or food, take it to the next level. The world needs that thing you have to give. Right now, we are without it. Please follow your joy and do this thing that you have to contribute to our world.

My personal application: I must finish the book I’m working on and put it out into the universe because it will touch people in a good way. There’s something missing without it, and I must do this thing.