I thoroughly enjoyed reading the book. It is different than any book I have ever read. I didn’t pay enough attention to the title. I expected a light ,humorous love story among friends. It has inspired me to buy a study Bible. I am probably not the usual audience for this book. I am a voracious reader and read all genres of books, but my daughter is older than these characters. I am a cradle Catholic, that has neglected going to Mass for years. I never studied the Bible and this book, although not pushing religion on the reader, has inspired me to purchase a study guide Bible and I think return to church for the companionship it offers.
It took me awhile to figure out the title ( which gave me the idea of it being humorous) and I have decided I am a little better than Big Toe People, but wish to know more.

*Note: I was gifted this book for an objective review

Mary Hazelwood